Thursday, May 17, 2012

You're A Mom When...

You know you're a mom when:

- you try to catch vomit coming out of your child(ren)'s mouths instead of running in the opposite direction

- your idea of privacy is peeing alone

- you wonder "where the hell are Max and Ruby's parents?"

- your favourite time of the day is bedtime

- you're used to eating cold meals

- after 8 consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep your first thought is "are they still breathing?"

- food staples include: peanut butter, jam, hot dogs, KD, ketchup, and milk

- you discuss poop on a daily basis

- an impromptu trip out the door means getting out of the house in less than 30 minutes

- shopping for yourself ends with you coming home with 4 bags of stuff, 3 of them for your children

- your idea of a "nice" restaurant is Red Robin

- you don't question why there's bubbles on the ceiling after bathtime

- at 1pm you remember you had to pee at 9:15am

- you can wake up at the sound of footsteps in the hall or a small peep from your child's room but sleep through your husband's alarm every morning

- instead of rushing to help your child you think "do I have time to grab the camera?"
how else do you get pictures like this???
- sneezing involves clenching

- you understand the true value of a hug and "I love you"

What are some of the ways you know you're a mom?

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  1. Love this! And, that picture is priceless. Thanks for visiting Darlingist Dr. Momsie. Now following!

  2. this is all very very true!!!!

    && that picture is so classic... save it for when he grows up & has a wife :)

    Happy Thursday!!

  3. Nice list! So true. One thing for me is that vomit does not gross me out and it really affects my husband. But then again, I am a nurse. :)

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  5. Great list! I emjoyed reading this. All so true! :)

  6. lol you are too funny -- clenching! ha! Everyone knows I'm a mom because I have various foods on my shirt most of the time, I can diaper a moving 18 month old in record time, and I've named the goldfish crackers that live on my car floor mat. Great list!

  7. Very fun post! I have always wondered that about Max and Ruby's parents!!!!

  8. Love this :)

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  9. Hi! New follower from the life with twins hop! I love this post! Where the heck are Max and Rubys parents?! I dont get it!! haha.

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  10. LOL - this post made me laugh. I've definitely run for the camera 1st, while my kid is in some sort of precarious position.. Good laughs for later in life! lol

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  11. All so true! hahaha :) Stopping by from the blog hop, you can visit me at .... Have a blessed weekend :)

  12. I'm not a mom yet, but I have taught at preschool! Same things apply =) Following from the "Hop Along Friday" Party!

  13. This is very funny and interesting. I like your writing style.

    Following you on GFC via blog hop till you drop.

  14. This is great and so true, I found myself going yeap. Of course they grow, and things change, but I still remember those days.

    Now I know I am a mom because I no longer say who did this, I just know.

    Followed from Blog Hop Til You Drop.

    By the way love the name of your blog,, it's what caught my attention.

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  16. Isn't that the truth- although I prefer not to catch vomit! :)

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  17. lol. you captured it all. And in all the monotony of Max and Ruby for years, oddly I never wondered where their parents were. It was eough that my boys were transfixed. Visiting from a hop can'tr remember which...

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  19. It's like you read my mind, these are all so true! I haven't heard my husband's alarm in years but every little noise from the baby monitor still wakes me up...LOL!

  20. Where ARE Max and Ruby's parents?! It's seems pretty irresponsible to leave them to their own devices with only the occasional visit from grandma.
    Also, saying things like "stop hitting the dog with that banana."
    I don't know what the Bloghop is, but I'm following you too. Feel free to stop by my place at

    1. I don't know!! I don't understand how they just let Ruby take Max to the store to buy clothes, or cook food.

      LOL!! Stop hitting the dog with the banana. That's Awesome!

      Thanks for following!

  21. Too true! Thanks for sharing the list, it always makes me happy that my crazy life is shared by other moms the world over.