Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wedding Week: Ceremony

It's wedding week at Love Grows Wild and The Grant Life!!

the Grant life

Danny and I got married 2.5 years ago in a beautiful park in the Okanagan. We were lucky enough to have mother nature cooperate - it lightly rained all morning and around 1 the sun started to poke through (we got married at 2:30).

In all honesty the ceremony went by quickly and I don't remember much. I remember having a moment waiting for the music to start, however my sister's boyfriend who was in charge of the music couldn't get into our laptop because he didn't have the password. By the time Danny entered the password my "moment" had passed and I was ready to get married.

I also remember knowing Danny was crying when I was walking down the aisle but because I wasn't wearing my glasses I couldn't actually see it. Probably a good thing or else I would have started too, which I did when it was my turn to say my vows.

I remember after the ceremony was done and waiting for pictures to start realizing what a silly idea it was to decide to wear a strapless dress in October (I was freezing).

That's all I really remember from the ceremony. Thankfully we have lots of pictures to fill in the rest.


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  1. Such beautiful photos!! We got married in October too...but in Mexico so instead of freezing we were sweating like crazy. But it was so worth it!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. What beautiful wedding pictures you have. It rained the day I got married so I am jealous of all your wonderful outdoor shots. I am your newest bloglovin flower!

    1. We really lucked out. We had a back up plan of having it under the gazebo, which was right there, but we would have had to skip pictures

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos!!! We got married in May, but our dating anniversary is in October :)

    xo -Shar

  4. Pretty!

    New follower! Looking forward to reading more. Hope you will follow back.
    Daisy @