Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding Week: Decorations

It's wedding week at Love Grows Wild and The Grant Life!!

the Grant life

We had a very small wedding (35 people) so there wasn't much for elaborate decorations. However, I was thrilled with how our centerpieces turned out.

I found the idea of using mini pumpkins somewhere online and loved the idea. I think the orange went well with our flower colours.

We had about 15 or so in total and they turned out really well. (I've since seen the idea of using tape to keep them in place, which really would have come in handy). After our wedding I had people tell me they used the idea for Thanksgiving centerpieces.

I also found a site that talked about kids activity books and I knew this was something I needed to do for our nieces, nephews, and my youngest sister.

They were each personalized and had various activities inside, including a mad libs, crossword, colouring pages, word search, and mazes. The kids really liked them and it's a great way to keep them entertained during all the "boring" parts of a wedding.


  1. Gorgeous Amanda! I love the pumpkin idea! If I had had a fall wedding I would of done something like this. So so cute :)