Tuesday, May 8, 2012

3 Year Olds & Rainbows

I've mentioned before about our oldest niece being the age Lynden is now and how surreal it is to see similarities (you can read about it here).  One thing I vividly recall was her fascination with rainbows, any chance she could tell us about them she would. 

Now it's Lynden who is fascinated with rainbows.  We've seen The Cat in the Hat and Mickey Mouse rainbow episodes and Lynden understands what needs to occur to make a rainbow.  When it's raining (or sunny out, which is usually one or the other) he tells us why there isn't a rainbow. 

Occasionally the weather cooperates and gives us the right combination to make a rainbow but it always seems to be out of our line of sight.

Until Friday.

Friday was a normal day, some rain and some sun, but the stars aligned.  As I was getting the kids their bedtime snack and drinks I looked out the kitchen window and there it was.

I called Lynden to come outside and he was thrilled!  He was so excited he ran back into the house and told daddy to come out and look at it. 

It was so nice for him to see a rainbow that wasn't on TV. 

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