Friday, May 18, 2012

Lovely Love


- chews with front teeth like bunny
- happy dance when I offer her a snack
- "dancey girl" - when he danced she puts her hands up in the air and spins around
- when watching TV and they ask a question she answers
- when she's mad at Lynden, mainly because he won't give her the toy he's holding, she flops her arms in frustration.  It's super cute
- her favourite way to sit in her chair is to flip it and lounge
- when she's upset she babbles, like she's telling me what's wrong (I shouldn't admit to this, but sometimes I hold off on comforting right away so she'll babble - it's that cute)
- she loves to put her diapers in the garbage.  She now asks us to change her bum so she can throw out her diaper (note to self: be more diligent about checking diapers before changing them)


- how he's figured out the next step.  It's not just "I'm going to put my juice box on the counter" it's "I'm going to put my juice box on the counter so we can recycle it so the recycle truck can come get it". 
- he tells me to open the curtains because it's beautiful outside
- "When I'm..."  He loves to think about all the things he can do later.  So far we've had "when I'm a dog I should wag my tail", "when I'm a baby I should cry", and my favourite "I should do that when I'm bigger".  So far he's offered to sweep the floor and clean the toilet.  I knew I liked him :-)
- The stories he tells me in the mornings to help me wake up (I tried to get a video of it but he got too hyper infront of the camera)
- how good he is at riding his scooter. 
- every night he plays duka with daddy (duka is his made up word for boy.  Danny asks him what someone is and he'll tell us "he's a boy, so he's a duka" or "she's a grill, so she's not a duka")
- When he plays on his own in his room with the door closed.  It's even better when he gets Alyssa in there with him and they just play peacefully.
- "Everytime".  This is a new thing for him; when he reads a story he has to include "everytime" any chance he gets.  It's hilarious to listen to.

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