Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Creepy Lynden

Every now and again I will hear Lynden talking in his sleep, and depending on how long it lasts for or the tone he uses I'll go and check in on him.  I really need to stop doing that; it's creeping me out.

So, picture this. 

You're lying in bed (sometimes on the verge or falling asleep, sometimes asleep) and you hear this little voice coming from your child's room.  Sometimes it's just rambling, but it goes on for a minute or two.  Sometimes it's an urgent voice that makes you think your child is having a bad dream. 

So, as a good parent, you get out of your warm bed, walk down the dark hall towards your child's lightly lit bedroom.  You're prepared for your child to be sitting there, looking worried, and upon seeing you asking for hugs, kisses, and/or cuddles.

Instead you walk into the poorly light bedroom to see your child sitting up, talking, facing the wall. 

You stand there for a minute and ponder if you should go to your child or just leave unnoticed.

Then, your child turns around, looks right at you, not even registering you're there, and lies down and goes back to sleep.


Or, my favourite, you make the decision to sit on the bed to check on your child, to have them just stare at the wall.  Even when you try to nudge him back down to a lying position he just stares at the wall.

Sends shivers down my spine.

This happened, yet again, last week.  Only this time when Lynden turned over to lie down he spotted me and knew I was there.  I asked him who he was talking to and he thought long and hard before answering "no one". 

At least I knew he was awake when he was talking to me but it still gave me the heebie jeebies that he had to think about who he was talking to. 

I think from now on I'm just going to wait until he calls for us before getting up to check on him when he sleep talks.  It too Paranormal Activity for me (and I won't watch them because of that clip of the night cam in the baby's room) and ends up keeping me up for hours afterwards trying to get the chill out of me.


  1. i have seem paranormal activity and have never been the same since. babies, although cute most of the time can do some creepy things! lol!

  2. Wow. That is creepy. Have you ever asked him about it the next morning ?

  3. Yup creepy! My sister used to get out of bed and stand next to you while you were sleeping and stare and you until I woke up and freaked out on her lol. I started locking my bedroom door! Creepy