Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can I Do This For A Career?

I mentioned before that I we switched over to a new computer so I've had to go through all our old photos and I found a folder that I thought I had deleted; the photos of me trying on wedding dresses.

I have to say, trying on wedding dresses was a ball.  There is nothing more fantastic than wearing pretty dress after pretty dress after pretty dress (a few I tried on just for the sake of trying them on).

I really liked this dress. The neck line was beautiful, the embellishment under
 the bodice was stunning, and I loved the shape and colour.
It was just a bit too formal for what we had planned.

Same idea as the one above,
but I didn't love the neckline as much or the bunching at the waist

Again, same sort of style, and,
again, not right for our style of wedding. 

This was another one I really liked,
which is surprising since I have never pictured myself wearing a wedding dress.
  The beading was lovely. 

This one I did not like. It was too plain

So I tired on dress #1 again.

Then I had some fun. This dress was poofy fun.
I have another picture of me standing next to a woman
who was wearing a similar poofy dress.
  From the waist down it was just tulle.

Off to another bridal store.
This dress was just for fun as it was way too formal, but it is a stunning dress.
When we were picking dresses to try on this one was just so huge
in the bag that I had to try it on.

look at that train


it was really nice to wear such a pretty dress

This was another quick no, it was too shiny

I did like this dress, even though it was hard to move around in it. 
I was surprised I liked a lace dress.

This was another really pretty dress (most of them were). 
I think this was one that had funny bunching on the side. 

side view of the dress.  It fit nicely

This was a combination of the shape I liked with the lace. 

 And then there was The Dress!

I loved everything about this dress. 
The shape, the neckline, the small bit of embellishment on the side,
 how it flowed, how it fit, everything!. 
And it was perfect for our wedding. 

even the lacing in the back was perfect. 

The only downside to looking at these photos is that I'm reminded of how much my wedding dress did not turn out how I was expecting it to.  We were having a small and simple ceremony and to save money I ordered a knock off of the dress online ($1300 down to $150), which arrived 3 weeks late (1 week before the wedding) and did not fit me at all.  We had it altered but it was still too big in the bodice for me.  (I've had people mention there was a lot of cleavage at my wedding, which there was.  At one point during photos I was on the verge of falling out of my dress so the bouquet moved up to cover any slippage). 

But it sure was fun trying on all those dresses.  Maybe I should be "engaged again" so I can go again (I totally pictured that episode of Friends when the girls hang out in wedding dresses typing that sentence).


  1. I think about having an I do redo all the time! But then I think about how much a wedding costs and I think about how many shoes I can buy with that money lol.

    I love the dress you picked, but you could have worn an dress! I am pretty sure my dress was probably to formal for our wedding but still loved it!

    Anytime you want to hang out in your dress let me know and I will come over with mine!

  2. well those dresses sure looked great!

  3. oh my goodness I think that was my same wedding dress!! lol

  4. Where did you order from online. It might help other brides on a budget know what you liked/didn't like about the company.

    1. Good call; I used DH Gate. They were good in communicating with me but there were issues with shipping the dress and then it was way too big. If any bride orders online take everything in 2-3"