Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Whole Lot Of Love

I've been writing posts about things I love about my kids.  You can read them here, here, and here.

This is my current list of things I adore about my kids


- Some of the random things that come out of his mouth (words, not physical stuff). 
For example:
"I'm a princess" (to which daddy said "what did you say".  My smart boy quickly responded with "nuffin")
"I just told you that" (his answer when I repeatedly ask him if sister is sleeping or awake in the car)
"1-2-3, go timeout" (when he's not happy with my answers to his questions)
- He loves to play with Alyssa.  He will go into his room, or hers, and call for her.  Sometimes he even follows it up with "I have lots of toys you can play with"
- His random mushy moments.  Out of the blue he'll say "I love you mommy"
- In the morning when he wakes up he cuddles me to wake up (me, not him) and he talks to me about anything and everything
- How he tells people to watch "sisa"
- He paces when he talks on the phone

- His special spot he as for grandpa's.  He's always had one.  As a baby he would fuss with some people but the moment a grandpa was around he's be fine with them
On Christmas eve Lynden went with Danny to pick up his dad at the airport, we haven't seen him since Lynden's birthday.  Danny told me when Lynden saw grandpa he let go of Danny's hand, walked over to his grandpa, and grabbed his hand without saying a word.
- When he feeds Alyssa (he rations out her fruit pieces, under observation)
- He has to give "proper kisses" at bedtime; this involves cupping my face while he gives me a kiss
- At bedtime it's always a "hug, kiss, and cuwwle (AKA cuddle)"


- She will crawls and then glides onto her belly.  I think she thinks it'll help her get there faster.  What makes it cute is the moment her belly touches the floor she kicks her foot. 
- She gets so excited when it's time to eat.  You'd think we starve her on how excited she gets
- She gives kisses.  Now when you say "I love you" she has to kiss you.
- She follows Lynden - when he calls her to come play she goes.
- The moment she hears the water running in the bathroom she's there for bath. 
- How she lies on the ground with her blanket
- She shares her toys (for a moment, she wants it right back)
- Her frowns.  So Cute!  You can frown at her and she'll frown back.
- When she tries to do something she knows she's not allowed to do.  At Christmas she knew she wasn't allowed to touch the tree, so every so often you'd hear the ornaments moving.  We'd tell her "no" and she'd look around like "who did that?" and the moment you stopped looking at her you'd hear the ornaments again.  The moment you'd turn to look at her she'd be smiling at you.
- When you lie on the floor she cannot get to you fast enough. 
- How the world end when you tell her "no".  It's So funny!

after being told no

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