Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolution Update - January

I feel since I posted my new years resolution on here I would post a monthly update (mainly to keep myself in check) to track my progress.

I  have yet to start growing anything, but to be fair it's been well below freezing, snowing, and terribly windy this month (the wind actually blew our BBQ off our deck).  I am still planning on growing things but would like the temperature stay above freezing for more than a day. 

We have been a lot better about using our left overs.  I froze left over rice, which came in handy when we had stir fry a week later and I didn't make enough rice for Danny's lunch.  It's helped that Danny's been on board with it.  There was a day Danny was home by lunch time and he hadn't eaten his lunch so he reheated it for Lynden.  When Lynden asked why he was having noodles for lunch Danny told him "because mommy says we need to eat out leftovers more". 

However, we have thrown out some food, but much less than normal.  This month we've thrown out:

- 1/4 pork roast (it got lost in the back of the fridge and Danny thought his lunch Tupperware was all that was left and I thought he took the other Tupperware) = $2.25
- 1/2 lb chicken breast (this was my fault.  I was going to eat it the next day with a Cesar Salad but didn't have any romaine so I was going to eat it the next day and forgot.  Should have been frozen after the first non-lunch) = $1.92
- 1/3 trout (this one irks me, I had the perfect recipe for left over fish, heck 2 perfect recipes, and didn't make either of them.) = $4.33
- 1 kiwi (got soft and either the kids or I should have eaten it) = $0.33
- 6 potatoes (they got soft - potatoes and onions now have a new home in the hopes they'll last a bit longer) = 1.25
- 6 carrots (I tried a new recipe and added carrots to the pan but it took A lot longer to make so the carrots were burnt to a crisp) = $0.65

Grand total of food thrown out: $10.73
Really it's not that bad but still higher than I'd like it to be.  Between the roast and the trout I could have had 2 more meals and would've spent less at the store worrying about 2 less dinners. 

At the beginning of January I was turned on to a Declutter Calendar.  It's great!  It asks you to do 1 thing a day to declutter your home; who can't do 1 thing a day??  I've been staying on top of it and have managed to organize a fair amount of stuff, including both bathrooms, my closet, which was a disaster, and my kitchen.  It needs a better system so it will be a work in progress; ideally I want my kitchen to look like this

Danny has been totally supportive of the decluttering.  After I emptied out our closet (this was a huge project that took me about 4 or 5 hours to do) he came home and looked at it right away (I think I might owe a Thank you to my sister-in-law, who I suspect told him he needs to check out all the decluttering I'm doing).  He even went into the bedroom and went through some things I've been on his case to go through and totally emptied and organized the top of our dresser (which was our "I don't know where it goes so I'll put it here and deal with it later" spot since we moved in August).  Just this past weekend he decided the fridge needed some work so he suggested we run a shelf through the dishwasher each time we run it until it's all been done. 

I'm really proud of all we've managed to do this month and look forward to seeing how well we do next month.

That's my update.  How's your resolution coming along?

You can read about my progress here

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