Monday, January 2, 2012

My Resolution

I am not someone who makes a new years resolution; but this year I have decided to make one: to waste less food. 

We throw out a lot of food every week, either from buying too much or from not utilizing left overs to the fullest, and it drives me nuts!  It's not food we're throwing out, it's money. 

It seems the universe has aligned to make me come up with a plan to help with wasting less food.  For Christmas I got a book called "Can I Freeze It?" that explains how to freeze foods and tips that most people wouldn't know.  For example did you know when you meat from the store you are not suppose to put it into the freezer.  You're suppose to unwrap and re-wrap it. 

I try to freeze but I am never really sure what the best way to freeze things are.  This book was a big push in the right direction. 

Then, a few days ago a cousin of mine posted 3 links on Facebook that caught my eye.  They were about growing food in small spaces, growing vegetables in the shade, the 10 most nutritious vegetables, and how to grow potatoes in a barrel.  I've tried growing foods, plants, and herbs in the past to no avail.  I have horrible luck when it comes to gardening but it's something I want to figure out so I am going to try again this year, but I am going to do a lot of research so I might have a small chance of not killing everything instantly. 

My theory is if I can grow some of the more common fruits and veggies we use (tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, apples, strawberries, blueberries) than we won't need to buy as much and we'll be able to pick what we need at the time, which should lead to less waste.  For what we do buy I want to use our freezer as much as possible so that we, again, don't need to throw things out and we'll have spare stuff in our freezer (which means we need to buy less). 

With my future at work not looking promising we need to tighten the financial belt as much as possible.  The less food we throw out the less money will we need to spend. 

I'm (not so) secretly hoping that once I start this I'll be motivated to start more projects that will help us spend less money. 

Do you make a new years resolutions?  If so, what is it?

You can read about my progress here

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