Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Was So Close... Again

I predicted back in July that Alyssa would be crawling by the end of August.  Alyssa had to prove me wrong (I said when I was pregnant she was going to be demanding, bossy, and do what she wants not what she's told), and 11 days after my prediction date Alyssa started to crawl.

Alyssa was early to pull herself up (she was doing it before she was crawling) and I said in September that she would be walking by Christmas.  By early December she was able to stand on her own for long periods of time but was not interested in taking steps so we started to encourage her more. 

On December 12th she took her first steps.  4 steps towards daddy all on her own.  We got her to do it a few times more that night but after that she seemed to have no interested in it. 

Christmas day came...

And went without any "real" walking.

Then came January 4th (10 days past the predicted date), Alyssa decided to walk.

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