Monday, January 9, 2012

Alyssa's Birth Story Part 2

You can read Part 1 here

Turns out Alyssa likes her Daddy and decided to wait for him.  I remember standing with my head on the bed and hearing Danny's voice in the hallway; I was so relieved (that he made it safely and hadn't missed her birth).  He later told me when he came in the resident could tell who he was and said to him "she hasn't had the baby yet". 

By now it was 1:30pm and my doctor, who had stayed at the hospital, decided to check me.  I was only 6cm!  So much for second labours being shorter.  It was suggested I go into the shower and see if that helped.  Shortly after being in the shower Danny asked if I wanted my sister in the room for the birth, I said whatever she wanted was fine by me so he stuck his head out the door and told her she could go - she was gone in a flash. 

I was in the shower for about an hour but the back pain was still pretty strong and at one point I let out a yell from the pain (I wasn't much of a yeller in either labour) which scared my doctor into thinking the baby was coming.  I was told to get out of the shower so she could check me again, but I was only at 8cm so I was sent back to the shower.  After going back in Danny asked me if I wanted the epidural, when I told him I did he asked why I didn't ask them for it, I told him "she's coming soon" knowing I was too far along to have one. 

About 30 minutes after that I let out another yell and again was told to get out of the shower.  When the doctor checked me I wasn't quite 10cm but close enough that she could stretch me so I could start pushing.  Because I had come straight out of the shower I was freezing; the nurses rushed to get me warming blankets before I started to push.  Let me tell you, pushing without an epidural Sucked, big time!  At one point I stopped because I preferred the contraction pain, that didn't last long. 

By 3:25pm I was pushing and at 3:32pm our beautiful Alyssa was born; weighing 7lbs 13oz, measuring 20".

Knowing how I ended up feeling after Lynden's birth Danny made a conscience effort to make sure I was able to bond with her.  He stayed out of my line of sight with her and handed her to me as quickly as he could once she was cleaned up and swaddled. 

After my doctor was done everything she went out and talked to my sister and asked what she thought of the whole thing (this is not my sister's thing, she's terrified of labour) and she replied with "it's a great form of birth control", but she quite enjoyed being the first family member to see our latest bundle of joy. 

Danny was anxious to get Lynden so once I was all set up he raced home to get Lynden and his dad.  When they came into the room the look of awe on Lynden's face (including a big smile) was so heartwarming (this is my moment from Alyssa's birth that will stay with me forever).  He was lifted up and gave her a kiss on the forehead.  The love was short lived, Lynden spotted the exercise ball and wanted to sit and slide on it.  It was truly wonderful to hold both my babies in my arms.

one of the first photos of Alyssa

hello there

Aunty (and godmother) and Alyssa


first public photo

showing off her vixen lips


family shot

daddy and Alyssa

I love this picture

meeting big brother

enjoying the exersize ball

now a family of 4

daddy enjoying some snuggles

coming home
I searched high and low for a non-pink outfit

Lynden and Alyssa at home


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