Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Were You Thinking?

Ok, this is going to be a rant post.  I'm Pissed about something and you're gonna have to read about it. 

What the hell are parents thinking??  There was an incident in Kelowna the other day, you can read about it here and here, and I am FLABBERGASTED at the utter stupidity of some parents out there.

WHO in there right mind leaves a baby in the car?!?!  Nevermind the overheating and possibly dying aspect, what about the thought some creeper may be in the parking lot and takes your baby?  Do they not think about that when they leave a baby unsupervised in the car, even for 10 minutes (as the baby's mother claims)?  Have you not listened to the news about how a child can go missing in a blink of an eye?  Seriously, watch the news every now and again.

Let's go back to the overheating and possibly dying thing.  In case you are not familiar with Okanagan summers let me give you the basics - it gets Stinking hot!  It easily hits 35+ on a regular basis.  As an adult that's too hot, never mind a baby, who can get dehydrated very quickly and can't quench its own thirst. 

A 4 month old baby goes into the car in an infant carrier (some people use the 3 in 1 carseats but I saw the photo of the police with the carseat and it was an infant carrier) how hard is it to pop it out of the base and put it into a shopping cart??  Not that hard, I do it everywhere I go.  One of the big perks of the infant carriers is that you can pop the whole seat out, so if the baby is sleeping you don't have to unstrap them and pick them up to move them, which 99% of the time results in an awake cranky child.  Are parents too lazy to do that?  If so, don't take your baby to the store with you.  Or in this case have the person you went to the store with stay in the car with the baby (why didn't the second woman say anything about leaving a baby unsupervised in a hot car?).

I know it sucks to have to take your child out of the car sometimes, but if you're not willing to do it then don't go into the store or gas station or bank.  There is Nothing more important that your child's health and safety, nothing!

I am glad the baby is okay and there are people out there who realize this is a dangerous situation and called the police.  I hope this was a one time incident and she had the crap scared out of her when the cops where standing outside her car with her baby.  I hope when Child Services follows up she truly learns her lesson and Never, Ever leaves her child unsupervised again and after she moves to the Okanagan really understands the million different reasons why her decision was a horrible one. 


  1. 35 degrees is 95 degrees for thos of you in the USA.

  2. Thanks for the conversion Anon.

    This is a totally justifiable rant. I get so angry when I hear about things like that. How stupid can you possibly be!? Ugh I am so mad right now.