Friday, July 1, 2011

Out And About: Canada Day

Canada Day is one of my favourite holidays.  There's no expectation of gifts, there's no stress leading up to it, no big dinner to cook or clean up, it's just a fun day you can spend with your family.  When we were in the Okanagan we would head down to City Park and wander through the festivities, listen to music and head over to Memphis Blues for lunch.  This year I had the hopes of heading down to the park with Lynden (and Alyssa of course, but she's too young to get the thrill of it all) to listen to music and dance, get a balloon and eat yummy food (these were my selling points to him this week).  Of course, my life seemed to have other plans.

The breaks on the car needed to be replaced and with this being Danny's first day off in over a week they had to be done this morning.  He also had to help his sister with her move, then off to see another place, go look at a toddler bed for Lynden and then hit the grocery store.  By the time this was all done I figured it would be about 5:30, leaving enough time to get dinner on the table and get the kidlets into bed.  I was a little bummed about it this morning, but it's what we had to get done today.

Thankfully, my mother in law was heading to park today and she took Lynden with her so we didn't have to drag him around all afternoon.  I am very glad he got to spend the day taking in the celebrations.  They had a Great day (Lynden even went accident free all day!)

Danny, Alyssa and I went off to get our afternoon must-be-dones done.  We went to look at a place (it was really nice, we're hopeful... again....), bailed on seeing the toddler bed and went to Ikea to look at what they had (found a great bed for Lynden), rushed to the grocery store to find something for dinner and then home to feed Alyssa before the freak out started. 

Danny then decided we'd go meet up with Lynden, his mom and grandma so we could spend some of the afternoon with Lynden (yay!).  It was so worth it! 

Lynden wanted, so badly, to go one the ferris wheel (as well as some other "scary" rides that he was too small for).  We decided to pass on the ferris wheel, we were worried about getting to the top and him freaking out, so we got him to go on a few smaller train rides and play a fishing game.  He had a blast! 

It made my day to be able to spend part of Canada Day with him. 

*My camera charger is missing, so these were taken from my phone, sorry for the poor quality**

Alyssa hanging out

on the 1st train ride


daddy giving high fives

thrilled to be going round and around


he won a big prize
he chose this red shark

he loves his shark

on the 2nd train

the boy loves to wave

This last picture sums up the afternoon at the park. 

best face ever!!

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