Friday, July 22, 2011

Out And About: Playland

When I was a child one of my favourite summer activities we did was our trip to Playland.  Knowing we were going to spend the whole day in a park full of fast, spinning, tummy flipping rides was beyond exciting.  Thankfully, I was a tall child so I was able to go on the bigger rides much earlier than most kids (my sister included). 

I was beyond thrilled when Lynden wanted to go on rides on Canada Day; I knew it meant a trip to Playland was in his near future.  On Thursday we did a “just mommy & Lynden day” (with my stepmom and youngest sister) and went to Playland to ride the rides. 

We had talked about it all week and although I don’t think he fully understood what I meant he was excited to go.  When we got into the park and took him to the kids’ area he was ready to start his riding adventure.  He choose his first ride and off he and his aunt went (she’s the perfect buddy age for Lynden). 

They spent the next hour or so going from ride to ride.  I even managed to get a ride on the swings with my sister – I must say it’s a much different ride when you’re bigger; I actually got a little dizzy on it, but it was still fun. 

After a while my sister and stepmom went on the Scrambler.  Surprisingly enough Lynden met the height requirement for it and he was itching to go on it.  I told him to watch aunty and nanny on the ride and if he wanted to go on it I would take him.  After they were done he still wanted to go on, so off we went.  Before the ride went I told him mommy was right here and I wouldn’t let go of him.  The ride started and he had a good time for the first half.  Once it got going at full speed he didn’t like it as much, but I reminded him that mommy was right here and was holding onto him, so he cuddled in and tucked his head down.  When it was done I told him how super proud of him I was for doing such a big ride.  (Danny was surprised Lynden was able to go on it and that I did take him on it, but I told him I was willing to let Lynden try it once and if he liked it great and if not then we don’t have to go again.  Although I didn’t let him go on the mini rollercoaster). 

We stopped for a quick bite to eat and then off to get mini doughnuts and off to the arcade lane to try our hand at some games, whack-a-mole was the favourite.  I even tried to get my sister to go through the haunted mansion with me, but no such luck. 

We finished the day off with one last ride and then headed home, much to Lynden’s dismay (he told me “want to stay here, no go home”).  After picking up Alyssa from my grandparents’ we went home to tell daddy all about our day.  He even wanted to call Ya Ya to tell her about the rides. 

It was a real treat for me to re-live the excitement Playland brings to a child through my son.  I cannot wait to go next year and make this an annual event for our family.    

flying elephants

love the holding hand shots

one of my favourite photos of the day

having fun
riding on a motorcycle
on the ferris wheel

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