Thursday, July 28, 2011


Goodbye darkness; Hello daylight!

Goodbye shower; Hello bathtub!

Goodbye limited kitchen cabinets; Hello space for everything!

Goodbye being stuck inside; Hello yard!

Goodbye stomping; Hello carpeted floors!

Goodbye spiders that come in droves; Hello upstairs!

Goodbye oven in the summer; Hello BBQ on the deck!

Goodbye playpen in our bedroom; Hello (possible) separate rooms for the kids!

Goodbye TV with no remote; Hello (again) PVR!

Goodbye having no where to go; Hello walking shoes!

Goodbye walls; Hello windows!

Goodbye washer in the bathroom; Hello laundry room!

Goodbye shoes in the middle of the room; Hello hall closet!

Goodbye family (we WILL visit often); Hello family (you're stuck with us now)!

Goodbye Surrey, HELLO Maple Ridge!

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