Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mommy Group Update

Awhile back the kidlets and I started going to a mommy meet up (I talked about our first visit here).  A friend on mine commented on how it takes 3 times to be part of the family, so I was determined to go at least 3 times.  Today was the third time for us (yes, I know I started going about 6 weeks ago, but we didn't go for the last 3 weeks for various reasons). 

Lynden was looking forward to the library part more than the play place part for some reason.  That's all he talked about and once we got to the play place all he asked for was to go to the library.  So, he sat next to me on the bench for the first 20 minutes while various children came over to talk to him.  He did let me talk to some of the other mom's without demanding my attention (big step), and the other mom's were quicker to talk to me and we had more to talk about now that we've been to a few.  Yay!  And there are a few more new mom's in the group too, which helps since I'm not the newbie anymore.

At one point the tent was empty and I pointed it out to Lynden and asked if he wanted to go in, he did so off he went.  That was the last I saw of him until it was time to go.  He ran with the other kids, went down the slide and had a great time. 

We headed over to the library for story time after playing time was over and Lynden was so excited.  The host sings songs the kids dance to, reads a story or 2, does some sort of magic and ends off with bubbles and stickers.  For the first time Lynden got up and danced to the songs, yelled out answers to the questions, oohed and ahhed during the story, popped bubbles and was in a great mood (despite getting up around 6 this morning on his own).

After story time and stickers it was time for us to head home for lunch and nap (one of my favourite times of the day).  While I was getting Lynden buckled into his car seat he said "that was fun, we do it again?". 

I am super glad he's now enjoying these activities, makes it so much easier and rewarding to participate.

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