Sunday, June 19, 2011

6 Years

As I was lying in bed last night it dawned on me that Friday was June 17th.  6 years ago, on this day, Danny and I started seeing each other.  We've never been ones to celebrate our anniversaries so it didn't surprise me to have missed the date all together. 

It's been a wonderful 6 years (for the most part.  I'd be lying if I said everyday was great and easy) and I am glad that I get to spend my life with such a great man. 
our first pic taken together
freezing at a wedding
I love this pic
I look good and Danny looks like he's seen a ghost
A "normal" Danny pose
Us freezing at the Winter Classic
There was a baby growing in me at this game

at a wedding
I'm 7 months pregnant

our family of 4

some wedding pictures

Since we don't celebrate anniversaries, happy 6 years babe.  I love you!

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