Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Preview

Lynden turns 3 in 3 months (where does the time go??) and it's a little surreal for me.  Not because he's growing up, well not entirely.  What's making it all so surreal for me is remembering our oldest niece at this age. 

6 years ago, when Danny and I started dating, our oldest niece was just about to turn 3.  I was there on her 3rd birthday (we got her dress up clothes and a plant that grew with a saying, or something like that) and to think my oldest is about to be that age is... well, surreal.  I remember what she was like at that age (I can't believe she'll be 9 this year.  Seriously, where does the time go??). 

As I watch Lynden stand on his tippy toes to flick the light switches on and off I am pulled back in time to when our niece was learning how to do it.  I remember her being able to turn them on but not off (she had the "old style" switch in her room, not the flat ones we have now). 

Yes, other kids have turned 3 before, but it's having that marker that's mind blowing for me.  Seeing where our niece was 6 years ago and where she is now is almost like looking into a crystal ball.  I can visualize what Lynden's going to be like in only a few short years. 

Somewhere along the way of writing this out my mind wandered over to Lynden's birthday.  I'll have to make a final decision about what cake to make him this year.  I like making his birthday cakes each year, hopefully I'll get better and better each year (his first birthday the cake was good but the design wasn't fantastic - Nothing like the picture I was going for.  His second birthday the cake was not good but the design was pretty cool).  I'm torn on Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Diego or Lightning McQueen.  I've also need to come up with an idea for a party (that's suitable for a large number of people).  Thankfully I still have 3 months. 

3 months... wow.  Alyssa will be 8 months, which means crawling, eating solids, sitting up.  Wow, time flies!

Lynden's first birthday cake
It was suppose to be an ocean
Can you see it?
Eating his cake
Lynden's 2nd birthday cake
I was quite impressed with myself

Eating his cake

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  1. I did see the ocean, and love the train! You are definitely getting better year by year! I'll look forward to seeing the birthday pictures - complete with what I know will be a fabulous birthday cake!!