Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Feeling Old

Earlier this week we took the kids to the pool.  We've been telling Lynden we would take him so we finally decided to follow through on it.  It has been quite awhile since Lynden has been at the pool and with summer coming we'd like for him to be brave enough to wade in water.  It was also Alyssa's first time - yay!  She looked super cute in the swimsuit she got for Easter from Nanny Allison, Papa John (not the pizza guy) and her Aunty. 

We have both kids in the second level preschool pool (the baby pool was closed and the water was surprisingly cold) - Lynden's walking around and Alyssa is splashing and kicking up a storm.  After a few minutes a couple of older kids (maybe 12-14 range) come into the pool (because it's cool to play in a kids pool when the water barely hits your thighs) and start to wrestle.  I'm walking Lynden around the pool and they're bumping and splashing us.  I do what most mother's do, turn to them and say "hey guys, there are kids here" and give them "the look".  They quickly left. 

Calling the younger generation out on their actions makes me feel old.  It doesn't feel like it was that long ago I was their age.  At least they didn't call me ma'am.

Alyssa in her swimsuit

**Photo update - we think it may just be the power cord on the laptop that's dead, if so I can start adding photos soon.  Keeping my fingers crossed

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