Saturday, June 4, 2011

Out and About: Pitt Meadow Days & A BBQ

Summer has arrived and what better way to kick it off then at Pitt Meadow Days!  The weather was Fantastic and the events were great. 

We started out the morning by picking up grandma and making our way over to the pancake breakfast, which we barely made before they shut the doors.  After breakfast we wandered over to the vendors to see what they had for sale.  I was on the look out for some head bands for Alyssa (she's going to be a head band wearing baby, with the way her hair parts it suits her perfectly) and did I ever score for her.  We found a woman who had a set of Canucks clips, and she only brought the 1 pair with her.  Sold!  Check out Tiny Seedlingz.  She does custom work as well.  (I see she has another style of Canucks clips, might need those too.  Now if she could make them in pink....)

waiting for the parade to start
Afterwards, we headed over to watch the parade.  I must say there is not much that is better than an almost 3 year old at a parade.  Every float he was excited about, he waved and danced his heart out though it all.  When we heard the drums of the first "float" (it was bagpipers and drummers walking) he was stomping his foot, shaking with anticipation.  We were at the end of the route so all the candies and such were gone, but it didn't matter.  About half way through a dancer gave Lynden the last pinwheel she had because he was so cute waving non stop with a massive grin on his face.  Towards the end a dance group stopped in front of us to perform their "Walking on Sunshine" routine and the MC saw Lynden rocking out to it so he went to the float, pulled off a beach ball, walked over to Lynden and told the crowd to check him out.  It was great to see him have such a great time.  I can't wait for next Sunday's Teddy Bear Picnic parade.

We left the parade before the last float came down (it was a long parade) and made our way to the park.  Lynden needed to use the potty, Alyssa was hungry and in need of a diaper change.  Lynden and grandma played catch with his new beach ball while we waited for Aunty Barbara to meet up with us.  Once she was able to find us in the massive crowd we headed over to the food area to eat some lunch.  Pizza and mini doughnuts, yum! 

Back to the vendors to pick up a puzzle for Lynden and then off to grandma's for a nap before heading off to an impromptu bbq.  Lynden was asleep within 5 minutes of being in the car.  While Lynden napped I raced home (doing the speed limit of course) to pick up Danny, who opted for a much needed sleep in. 

Go Canucks Go
Once Lynden woke up (and was in a better mood) and Alyssa was fed, had 2 diaper changes and a new change of clothes off to the bbq.  About 2 weekends ago we did a late mother's day bbq with all the cousins and it took Lynden awhile to warm up to the many cousins there.  Today he was much more comfortable with them and was playing with them pretty much right away.  He, finally, used the rocking horse in the yard (we've tried every time we're there to get him on it, today he asked) too.  Alyssa sported her Canucks head band while the Canucks game was on (Thank goodness they won!!).

It was a wonderful day, even though Lynden and I got a tad too much sun (I was a good mommy and lathered both kids and myself in sunscreen and insisted Lynden wear his hat all day) and Alyssa was not too impressed with having to be covered or in the shade all day.  I can't wait for the next family gathering!

running around

Alyssa's so photogenic

gnawing on her fingers

riding the rocking horse

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  1. I am LOVING her in her Canucks Clipz!!! You should totally post that pic to my wall!!! I'm so glad to have met you!!! I'm workin on some pink Canucks Clipz now!! ;)