Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Mommy Meetup

I should start this and say Lynden is not as bad as my last post made him out to be.  I was having a BAD day and so my post came across a lot more harsh then it was meant to.  He's a good kid, he really is, just yesterday was a really bad day.  He usually has a bad moment every so often (yesterday it was more and I was tired and Alyssa decided she really didn't want to nap even though we both needed her to).

Today's been better, despite getting up at 6:15 to drive Danny to work (only to have him call me after I pulled away to say he forgot his work boots at home and needed me to get them and come back).  Once we got home it was a rush to get the kids fed, dressed and get Lynden to go #2 on the potty before we had to leave for our first mommy meetup at the play area at Guilford Mall and then story time at the library.

As I've posted before I don't like walking into preformed groups, they're hard to get involved in since everyone knows everyone already, but I want and need to get out there and meet new people.  It was good.  Lynden played shy and didn't want to play with any of the other kids, although I tricked him a few times by saying "can you catch them?" or after he handed me back his juice "ok, go play now".  I'm hoping he'll get a little more comfortable the more we go.  The other mom's were quick to introduce themselves (I think I've forgotten everyone's names already) and start a quick conversation.  But it was hard to talk much with Lynden attached to my side and wanting me to play with him and not talk to the other moms.  At one point I had to tell Lynden it was time for me to go and talk to the other mommies and I went and sat down and started a conversation with... umm... ya... her daughter's a month older than Alyssa but I can't remember her name (there were about 10 moms with 1-2 kids each).   

We then went off to the library and did story time.  Sadly, Lynden was getting tired and was done about 5 minutes into it.  I managed to get him to stay for the whole thing and he loved the stickers at the end of it.  He said he had a good time and would like to go again, so we'll go again next Tuesday and work on our friend making skills :-)

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  1. I'm giving this a big thumbs up! The rule of thumb I have been told is "go to something 3 times and you are one of the family". I suspect by that time you will remember some names that go with the faces and Lynden will have made a friend or two...or ten and will also understand the parameters of the outing...first play then story then sticker! Yaaayyyy for stickers! (even if they do eat them)