Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Potty Training Update and Prediction

We have resorted to full on bribery for potty training.  Lynden went through a funk where he refused to pee on the potty (sigh), which resulted in a lot of laundry.  (I have now instituted a new rule: 1 pair of underwear per day, if he has an accident it's back into a diaper - a "diaper" is a pull up during the day and "night underwear" at night.  He doesn't want to be in a diaper anymore and so it seems to be helping) 

We've also been bribing him for weeks now.  If he goes all day he gets a chocolate egg (Kinder Egg, he's very excited about the toy inside) after dinner (double duty egg, all day with no accidents AND he has to eat his dinner).  Thankfully, he doesn't remember every night he's gone accident free about his egg so he doesn't get a full egg every night an hour before bed. 

He also gets a sticker every night and when he got 5 consecutive stickers he would get a Ryan Kesler picture for his room (thank you grandma for finding one!).  Last night, after realizing I hadn't been putting stickers on the calendar Danny and I were counting out they days.  We thought we were on day 4 but when I went to put the stickers on the calendar turned out yesterday was the ever illusive day 5.  Ya hoo!!


"I go pee"

Last night after dinner he got his Ryan Kesler picture!! 

5 more days and we're getting him Cars (which is crazy expensive). 


I am calling it now, I predict Alyssa will be crawling in 6 weeks or less.  She moves like an inch worm all over the house now.  All she's got to do is figure out how to position her arms to hold herself up and she'll be off to the races.  Lynden was 8 months when he started to crawl.  If Alyssa does start in the next 6 weeks she'll be just under 7 months, yet another difference between them.

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  1. Congratulations on the perfected potty time! I would strap that girl to the floor with velcro and duct tape...you really don't want a 7 month old crawling around the house..they have no common sense about what is safe! (j/k...neither does a one year old)