Monday, December 19, 2011

Dash: Busy Weekend

Dash had a busy weekend, as did we. 

Friday Dash was missing Santa I guess; we found him sitting at the chimney waiting.

Friday night Dash and Elmo made a big mess, but I think Dash is making some friends.  Thankfully, Lynden was awesome at helping clean up.

Saturday Lynden and Danny went ice skating, then we all went to see the Holiday Train, and then off to dinner at my mother-in-law's.  Dash accompanied us but as we were getting ready to head home I could not find Dash - mild heart attack as I thought we may have left him by the side of the road after the train.  We found him when we got home, hiding under some stuff in the car.  It was a long day for such a small elf. 

Saturday night he seemed to have had another itch to decorate, thankfully not with underwear again.

Last night was one of Lynden's favourites. 

Lynden posed the last shot himself.  He loved that Dash left him a note in a banana and that when he peeled the banana the note was still there.  Lynden's not sure how Dash did it and was a bit sad when he discovered it wasn't chocolate.

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