Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dash: Lovin' The Tree & A Good Cause

We put up our tree yesterday (and I think it's the best looking tree Danny and I have ever had).  It wasn't exactly on our list of things to do but it just sort of happened when Lynden got all excited. 

By the time we were done we had to go to Lynden's final ice skating lesson (he's a good skater!).  While we were gone Dash had a chance to look at our tree and I think he liked it.

Lynden liked Dash being up in the tree; he liked throwing pucks to get him down more.

I guess it wasn't quite enough time in the tree as we found him under it this morning with a new book.

He even left the kids a note:

What a nice elf!


A fellow bloggin' friend of mine if doing "Comments for Cans" until Dec 15th. 
For every comment made she'll donate 1 can of food to the food bank.  For every new follower; 2 cans.  Every new follower who leaves a comment = 3 cans.

So, PLEASE head over and say Hi! to  It's a great cause (I'll be joining her next year). 

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  1. I love that your elf left a note. Ours wrote on a mirror. A note would have been better!