Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dash: Ask And You Shall Receive

Last night after dinner I asked Lynden if he wanted to watch a movie, we hadn't watched one in awhile.  Lynden jumped at the chance and asked if we could watch the movie Dash had brought us.  I was a little stumped since Dash hasn't brought us a movie.... yet.

We settled on Cars 2. 

However, I told Lynden if he asked Dash for a movie maybe he'll bring us one.  And what do you know?  Dash brought us a movie last night.

Lynden actually enjoyed the movie, despite his millions of "why?" questions about anything and everything that was going on.  I know he doesn't look impressed in the picture but it was more him not wanting me to take his picture. 

We did have a little hic-up with Dash this morning though.  Shortly after Danny left for work I heard Lynden get up, but he didn't make it to my room as fast as he normally does.  I went to check on him and he was just about to pick up Dash.  I, quickly, stopped him and said it wasn't wake up time yet and he needed to go back to bed.  I don't know Lynden was fully awake and aware of what was going on because he was Quite upset Dash was not sitting on the window like he was suppose to be. 

When Alyssa awoke at 8 Lynden was ready to see what Dash was up to.  He knew Dash wasn't on the window but didn't say anything to me about what Dash was doing. 

He was thrilled to see Dash helped himself to the Dash stocking cookie I made for him earlier this week.

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