Monday, December 5, 2011

Dash: Choo Choo!!!

Before we left this weekend Lynden was asking me to set up his train table again (we took it down when we moved the kids in to their own rooms) but I didn't have time before we left.  Dash, apparently, did. 

I am very impressed that Dash was able to find all the pieces, set it up, get the trains out of the drawer, and climb onto a train without waking a sleeping Lynden.  Either Dash was very quiet or Lynden was exhausted from this weekend.

Either way Lynden was Thrilled when he discovered Dash this morning (another morning when he found him on his own), and it's great to see Lynden's awe in the things Dash does.  When he came to tell me he said "Mommy, Dash set up my train table for me". 

I will admit, I am a little worried about how he's going to take it when Dash goes home with Santa on Christmas Eve.  We've talked to him about it a few times and he doesn't seem to understand that Dash needs to go home. 

In less than a week Dash has stolen my son's heart; even on the ferry home Lynden wanted to go down the slide so he asked for Dash.  Dash and Lynden spent the Whole time playing and with other kids, which Lynden does not do.  He's a shy kid who gets super clingy when he's around a bunch of kids he doesn't know (sometimes even with kids he does know), but Dash seems to given him a little boost of confidence because he was non-stop the whole ferry trip. 

I think I may have to talk to Dash about maybe staying in touch with Lynden after he goes home to the North Pole.

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  1. I'm really enjoying these "reports" on Dash. I think I'll be missing him too when he goes home with Santa!