Friday, December 2, 2011

Dash: Cookies, Swimming, And Candyland, Oh My!

Lynden absolutely adores Dash.  He carried him around all day yesterday and pretended to make cookies (with "1 cup of flour", his playdoh knife, and art brushes) for Dash. 

I guess Dash really was hungry because we found him at the table eating a cookie when Lynden got up from quiet time. 

Dash even came to Lynden's final swimming lesson

At one point Lynden looked over to see us and we all waived, including Dash.  Lynden got so excited he went up to his swim instructor and tried to get her to look at his elf.

Dash seems to be settling in well.  Last night he decided to make friends with Lynden's friends by having a game night.  A friendly game of Candyland with a bunch of candy snacks. 

Looks like Shrek baby was quiet hungry.

When Lynden got up he was very excited about it.  I don't think he really understood that Dash put up the stickers yesterday but he liked that his friends were playing with Dash.  He asked me if we could play the game, and it was so hard to say no, so we played.  Mommy improvised with the rules and Lynden won!  He's looking forward to playing again at his play date later.

Lynden has truly been on some of the better behaviour; yesterday his sharing skills were Excellent and his listening was better than it has been.  Hopefully Dash reported a good boy to Santa.


  1. These photos are so cute and funny!

  2. "gramma Lynn"December 2, 2011 at 11:49 AM

    that's awesome. I love the photos - hopefully Dash will have good reports to send to Santa every nite!! :-)