Monday, December 12, 2011

Dash: Not A Great Weekend

I'd like to dedicate this post to whoever Anonymous is; today's December 12th.  There's at least 13 more posts about Dash coming your way ;-)

In case you missed out check out the comments to this post.

Back to Dash. 

Lynden didn't have a great weekend.  Friday Lynden got into the Vicks, which he got Everywhere, and into a bottle of Hyland Calming tablets (thankfully little to no medicinal ingredients so it didn't hurt him).  We gave him a BIG talking to about medicine. 

That night I heard a whole bunch of noise in the livingroom and was dying to see what Dash was up to.  When Lynden woke up Saturday morning he got into the Vicks again.  All in his hair and the bedding (again - we had washed the day before).  Danny was furious and Lynden got Another BIG talking to.  I guess Dash was sad that Lynden wasn't listening, and about something pretty serious) so he undid what he had did.  This is where we found him when Lynden was done with his emergency bath.

Poor Dash, he was quite sad. 

Lynden had a better day on Saturday so Dash was waiting for us in a newly decorated tree on Sunday morning.

Lynden wasn't too keen on finding all his underwear on the tree; I thought it was funny.

Sunday was an okay day.  Lynden came shopping with my grandma and I in the morning and was in a good mood.  By the time I got home in the evening Lynden's ears were off.  Everything we said stopped before he heard it. 

Dash left Lynden a little treat this morning.  Hopefully Lynden will be a bit better today so Dash can start telling Santa again about what a good boy he is.

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