Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dash: Takes A Trip

Friday afternoon was a busy one. We had a play date in the morning, where we played Candyland again. I guess Dash was a little tired from the all nighter he had pulled because we found him in my bed, snuggling with one of Alyssa's teddy bears.

 After mandatory naptime (we knew it was going to be a late night so both kids needed a nap) we started getting ready for out trip to the Island. In all the bustle to get out the door we forgot to grab Dash and some toys but he's such a great elf. After we got settled on the ferry Dash was there and with a new carrying case for Lynden's cars (he even had his own ticket).

I thought he might be a little more shy since we're away but I was wrong. The first night he put a christmas tree magnet on the fridge - that's ok. When we went to get Lynden's morning milk we found the silly guy in the fridge, guess it was too warm for him with the wood burning stove.

When we went to pour a cup of milk we were surprised! Dash had turned the milk green!!

Lynden said it was yummy and our green scrambled eggs were quite good (guess Dr.Suess was right).

Saturday we went to the Truck Parade, it was pretty cool. 90 trucks decked right out in Christmas lights. The honking with a bit much for Lynden, who spent the last half with his hands over his ears; apparently it was just the right amount of noise for Alyssa, who snuggled in to Danny and almost fell asleep.

Cutest moment was when we were waiting for the parade to start and out of no where Lynden says "mommy, do you want a flower?". Of course I did, so he picked me one :-)

I was a little worried about what Dash was going to do Saturday night after watching the Truck Parade but thankfully we didn't wake up to a house full of lights.  Instead we woke to this:

This was the first morning Lynden actually found Dash on his own.  Danny was up with him and Lynden kept saying "Daddy, come here.  I want to show you something".  When Danny asked what Lynden thought was going on he was told Dash was trying to get into the box.  Lynden then tried the "snow" (kind of brave since it could have been anything) and said "it's good for me".  As tired as I was and as much as I needed the extra sleep I wish I had seen Lynden find Dash.

There seems to be a bit of a disagreement as to what Dash was doing.  We (Danny and I) were under the impression he was skiing and had a little mishap.  Lynden assures us we are wrong!  Dash slipped out of the box (it had changed by the time I had gotten up).  Lynden very eagerly showed me that Dash had written his name before he slipped. 

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  1. Adorable! Thank you for the Elf on the Shelf inspiration!