Friday, December 9, 2011

Dash: Toy Fixing

Yesterday we went to my grandparents for dinner, a hockey game, and to let Lynden put some decorations on their tree.  We were quite surprised with who met us there.

I guess Dash really likes trains.

Lynden and Alyssa also got to put their new ornaments on the tree (from grandparents, not Dash)

My mom also sent my grandma a beautiful pointsetta.  I guess Dash liked it because when Lynden got home Dash was waiting downstairs with a small plant for us.  I wasn't able to take any pictures of Dash in in because I left the camera at my grandparents when I brought Alyssa home earlier. 

Last night Dash put his toy training to use - even though Dash works in the kitchen at the North Pole (not that we've seen any evidence to support this yet) all elves have toy training. 

Dash was kind enough to replace all the batteries in the kids toys, except for the car he's working on in the above picture.  Finn McMissile needs a Very small phillips and I guess Dash wasn't able to find it in Danny's tool box last night.  Thankfully he left us some spare batteries so we can fix him once we can find the small screwdriver.


  1. this Dash stuff is getting super boring.

  2. As a parent of a wee one I LOVE reading about Dash's adventures! I can't wait to steal your ideas in the future! Thanks for continuing to share Amanda.

  3. The part about him changing the batteries made me smile-super cute! I am delighted to hear and read about Dash and the amazement Lynden has with him. What great parents Lynden and Alyssa have!

  4. O, and whoever the coward is that wrote: this Dash stuff is getting super boring....then don't read it!!

  5. I agree with Dana...the coward needs to just stop reading! Keep blogging these Dash stories as there are more of us that look forward to reading them, than not. I love the adventures of Dash & Lynden and can't wait till next year when Alyssa joins in!

  6. G'ma Lynn (Quesnel)December 11, 2011 at 11:31 PM

    I think the adventures are awesome!! They're a wonderful way to give Christmas even MORE magic!! :-) And I'm also with one has to read enything they don't like!

  7. I say keep posting! I love seeing his adventures

  8. Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments (on here and on FB). I am enjoying creating these wonderful memories for my children and will continue to share them with you.
    Merry Christmas!!