Friday, August 5, 2011

We Moved!!

It took a lot more trips and time and effort than we planned for but we've completely moved.  It was a logistical nightmare and I'm so glad the bulk of it is over. 

We were able to start moving things in on Sunday at noon, which was great but the house was in terrible shape.  The old tenants decided to walk away from their deposit, meaning they cleaned Nothing (and stole the landlord's weed eater).  As we did the walk through with the landlord his wife spent 2 hours scrubbing the kitchen counters, cupboards and fridge.  We then spent the next 8 hours shuttling stuff from the old place to the new place.  Thankfully my mom took Alyssa for the day (and Lynden for the morning) and my grandparents had him overnight so we were able to power through quite a bit without them.  By 10pm on Sunday we were done cleaning and our final runs and were off to return the truck and head home.  By midnight we were in bed in our new place.

Sadly Danny had to work Monday (and the rest of the week doing both jobs) so the bulk of things fell onto my plate.  I've spent the week cleaning, unpacking and re cleaning (getting rid of unpacking stuff) which was very difficult since Fortis didn't mention there was a lock on the gas line outside so we didn't have hot water until mid-afternoon Tuesday (making it impossible to shower, clean dishes, wash the tub, clean the oven, cupboards and walls). 

I've been able to power through quite a bit this week (still working on the kitchen, kids' bedroom and entry) and I'm super proud of the kidlets, especially Lynden.  It's yet another change for him in the last 6 months.  When he came home on Monday he was excited to see the "new house" and once I showed him where all the rooms were he wanted to go play and do his thing.  He loves the patio outside, he can ride his new tractor on it. 

Alyssa has also been moved out of our room and into her crib.  She's taken to it fairly well, she likes being able to move around her crib to find the right spot to sleep.  She's also taken to sleeping on her tummy, which I find adorable!  They are also sharing a room; I wasn't sure how well Lynden would take to it but he's done well.  He doesn't cry if she's already in bed, which we were worried about, and he sleeps through her crying, which we were also worried about.  It will be nice once we get the second dresser and bed for Lynden - then I can set it up properly. 

There's still cleaning and unpacking and organizing to do, but it's starting to feel like home. 

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