Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 16-18

Day 16 - What I Ate:

I love summer berries and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when I buy them.  So, as the berries start to turn I have to decide what I'm going to do with them instead of throwing them out.  After the blueberry cobbler, which was too much cobbler and not enough blueberries, I made Strawberry muffins. 

Most mornings when my grandma comes over she brings a muffin and Lynden's on her right away to share with him.  After these came out of the oven he asked about grandma, so Lynden called her (with my help) and invited her over for a muffin.  

Day 17 - On The Shelf:

This is one of my favourite "knick knack".  It was given to us for Lynden's 1st Christmas and I adore it.  It now sits on our mantle. 

Day 18 - In Your Bag:

People are constantly complaining the diaper bag is too heavy (I agree) but I have to pack for a 7 month old and a still-potty-training almost-3-year-old, which means I have to tote around a lot of stuff.  

In this picture (and carried most of the time with me, some I found in the bag when I went to take this picture): wallet, cell, car keys, fruit bar, tupperware of goldfish, 6 toys for Alyssa, 2 matching sets of socks and 3 indivual socks, camcorder, sun screen, sweater for Alyssa, pack of Rockets, an egg of Playdough, Playmobile man, diaper cream, sling, receiving blanket, 5 or 6 diapers for Alyssa, pull-up, 2 baggies of wipes, sweatpants, diaper shirt and jacket for Alyssa and, finally, shorts for Lynden. 
Missing from this bag: hats for both kids, sunglasses for Lynden and myself, drink for Lynden, Danny's wallet, cellphone and keys if he's with me, house keys, plastic bag for wet clothes, coupons, shopping list and whatever random odds and ends we need for that particular outting.  

See what that bag is so damned heavy?!?! 

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