Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm Back

I've been MIA most of this month.  I tried to stay on top of the 30 Day Challenge but half way through the month it stopped being fun and started being a chore, and I have enough of those.  I'm disappointed I wasn't motivated enough to finish it but we've had a BUSY month. 

This month we've had story time in the park, a puppet show, various farmer's markets, Sesame Street, various playdates, a birthday party, carnival, a car show and my cousin's daughter for 2 weeks.  Add in a whack of car problems (again... still... I'm not sure which), unpacking, organizing and cleaning the house from the move, and Danny has been working non-stop, which has been hard on Lynden and has burnt me out.  It has taken a lot of energy to stay on top of the household stuff that needs to be done so this took a back seat. 

Next month Lynden starts swimming lessons, he and Alyssa start Strong Start, I've found a mom's group I want to meet up with, and we are starting to get things ready for Lynden's 3rd birthday!  I'm also planning on getting the bench for over the fireplace built, making curtains for the bedrooms, and getting ready to make stockings and gifts for Christmas. 

I'm hoping with all this going on I can find a routine for us, making it easier to deal with everything.  I'm also looking forward to things slowing down at Danny's work so he can be home more and get some much needed rest. 

I am also looking for some new topics to blog about so look for my Contact Page, feel free to send me questions and/or ideas.  I'm also going to be looking for some guest bloggers - so if you're interested let me know. 

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