Monday, August 15, 2011

Out And About: Sesame Street

A few months back I was sent an email from one of my cousins asking if we wanted to take Lynden to see Sesame Street; we instantly said yes!  After months of waiting yesterday was the big day. 

I was a little nervous about how Lynden would take the whole experience, the noise and the larger than life characters.  We psyched his up most of this week, watched Sesame Street on TV... well, PVR, and went over all the characters we have in our books.  Of course, like all kids, Lynden was looking forward to seeing Elmo.  So, after nap yesterday, daddy, mommy, Lynden and little Elmo met up with our cousins and headed off to Sesame Street.  (Alyssa spent the afternoon with my grandparents, don't be thinking we forgot all about her)

It was great!!!   Lynden loved every moment of it.  He was thrilled to see the characters, mommy sang along to as many songs as possible, daddy and Lynden bounced, clapped, stomped and danced.  During the intermission (and after the show) he kept asking for more. 

The highlight, for me anyways, was when Elmo came down the stairs onto the floor (we were in the 3rd row) and I ushered Danny and Lynden off towards him and Lynden got a big hug from Elmo!!  (Sadly, I wasn't fast enough with the camera to catch it). 

It was a wonderful experience, for us and him, and want to take him to more live shows now.  We've been talking about taking him to Yo Gabba Gabba in November and after last night we Really want to take him. 

the set

Lynden and his Elmo wand




Big Bird doing the opening number

Elmo & Zoe

Cookie Monster doing an Irish Jig

Super Grover

Elmo in Oscar's World


after the show

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