Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our (Royal) Wedding

On the "eve" of what will be the biggest wedding I've seen it gets me to thinking about our wedding.  Unlike the Royal Wedding ours was very low key and intimate. 

Danny and I were married at Kaloya Park in Oyama, a beautiful park on Kalamalka Lake, in front of 34 of our family and friends. 

Looking back it seems like the whole day went by in a blink of an eye.  The one memory that sticks out in my mind was just before I walked down the aisle. We had decided to use our laptop and some speakers for our ceremony music, but the laptop wasn't properly turned off and we had enough battery life for 1 song so Danny decided it would be used for my song to walk down the aisle ("At Last" by Etta James ).   My sister's boyfriend was in charge of playing the song, easy right?  So, my sister, who was my bridesmaid, and my bridesdude had walked down the aisle and I started to get teary eyed in anticipation.  Well.....  Danny had forgotten to enter his password on the computer and so my sister's boyfriend was stuck at the Welcome screen.  He eventually said there was a password needed (he was afraid to ask for the password) so Danny had to go and unlock the laptop, open Itunes and find the song.  By then "the moment" has passed and I was ready to go.  I was later told that was the most nerve racking moment in my sister's boyfriend's life and will NEVER be in charge of music at anyone else's wedding, ha ha. 

It was a great day and I love that I get to spend my life with Danny as his wife. 

if it looks like Danny's laughing it's because he was they made us sit kissing for 5 minutes

our centerpieces 

I love this shot of Lynden 

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  1. Beautiful! Congratulations! It's fun to walk down memory lane.