Monday, April 18, 2011

Out and About: Bear Creek Park

Today we wanted to head to Bear Creek Park to see what the park looked like (in preparation of our photo shoot with Paper Heart Photography next month) and to take Lynden on the train they have there.

I remember when we could get out of the house in 10-15 minutes (that's with Lynden).... long gone are those days.  Now it's get 2 kids dressed, us dressed, make sure we have what we need in the diaper bag:
Diapers... Check...Wipes... Check... Spare Outfit for Alyssa... Check... Receiving Blankets... Check... Spare Pants for Lynden... Check... Spare Underwear for Lynden... Check... Snacks...  Check... Drink... Check... Camera... Check... 
Next, kids need jackets, Alyssa needs to get into her carseat, Wait!  Where's her hat?  Look all over the house, can't find it, look for another hat that will fit her (will this fit, nope? ok, what about this one? nope... sigh), stroller up the stairs and into the trunk, shoes on... wait! Lynden needs to use the potty before we go... Bathroom trip. Ok!  Everyone ready? Ok, let's go.  Get kids into the car and go... assuming we haven't misplaced the keys in the process of getting the kids into the car. 

I must say Bear Creek Park is a very cool park for families.  The water park in the summer will be a blast!  There's 2 parks, 1 for older kids and the other for younger kids.  Lynden had a great time on the slides.  Then off to the train (potty trip too).  $10 for us to take a train ride.  I don't think he fully got it at first but once we got going he had a good time.  The tunnel of Easter theme displays was neat, although the highlight, of course, was the bridge - Lynden Loves going over "bridge up high".  At the end of the ride the "conductor" let Lynden blow the train whistle. 

After the train ride, back to the park we went for more slides.  Sadly, Lynden had an accident and back to the bathrooms we went.  (He was pretty upset about it and wanted to talk to Aunty Barbara after we got him cleaned up).  We then decided to go walk through the garden so we could get a look at potential photo spots, not that we saw much.  We were distracted by more bridges and some ducks.  Lynden then announced he wanted to go home, so we decided to leave. 

It was a lot of fun and we'll definitely be going back - for the slides and the train!

us on the train
Daddy & Lynden
blowing the train whistle
Lynden & Mommy
talking to Aunty
tree climbing
looking at ducks


  1. You let Lynden know he can call me any time if he's upset like today. That call made my day! xo

  2. Thanks for the link up! It didn't work though:( is my photography blog.

    Glad Lynden had a good time on the train! So excited to take your families pictures again! Lets hope there will be no rain and all the pretty flowers will be out!

  3. Sorry Amber. Should be working now