Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Today Lynden took part in his second Easter Egg Hunt, not that last year's should count since I did the hunting.  There were 3 other cousins around Lynden's age that also participated and it was quite fun to see how they approached it compared to Lynden, especially since he was the only boy. 

Before the hunt started Lynden, overwhelmed by the crowd of cousins there to participate and watch, was asking to go home, although he had been had been asking all morning to go.  Once I reminded him that we were going to go hunt for eggs and showed him the yard, which was covered in eggs, he was raring to go.  So, we grabbed his basket and off we went.  I think he had basket mostly full before the other cousins had grabbed one.

Around and around the yard we went, collecting eggs and tossing stand alone chocolates back into the yard (I don't think he thought he was suppose to grab them).  Sadly, the weather didn't quite hold out for us and the rain started to come down.  So, I showed Lynden where the Easter Bunny had left a basket of goodies just for him, picked it up and headed inside before we got too wet.

Once inside he was quick to pull out one of his plastic eggs and rip it open and inhale the chocolaty goodies inside.

It was so enjoyable for me to be able to see him enjoy himself so much hunting for eggs with his cousins.  I can't wait for next year to see how much more he enjoys it (now that he knows what he's doing) and to watch Alyssa participate in her first egg hunt.

Round 2 of Easter starts Thursday when we head to the Island to do it all again :-)

I didn't get too many pictures, the moment I turned the camera on it started flashing low battery

finding eggs

Lynden finding his special basket

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  1. Looks like fun! I always find the 4th year is the best...they remember from the previous year and they anticipate what the event will bring. Same with Christmas.