Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Out and About: Vancouver Island

Lynden, Alyssa and I ventured over to the Island for Easter Weekend (sadly Danny couldn't make it between work and a flu).  We had a great time.  Lynden was so pumped for the "big big boat sail across sea" and seemed to enjoy it even though he had a terrible cough that made him throw up a few time. 

Our first full day there was the most interesting day.  Thankfully Lynden's cough cleared up over night so he wasn't a total crank pot at The Victoria Bug Zoo.  There were some COOL bugs there - we all really liked the leaf bugs.  Lynden even held a few bugs (he asked if he could hold some of them) while he wasn't other occupied lining up all their stool to use as a jumping platform.  We had a Great tour guide, which really made it enjoyable.  And I must say - ants are cool!!  The ant display was incredible.  Highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.   (I know you're all anxiously waiting to hear about the spider - look forward to my next blog)

We finished the day off with my step dad's Infamous Fried Chicken - yummmmmmmmmmm

a blurry shot of me holding a cockroach
holding a stick bug grasshopper thing
praying mantis
stick bug grasshopper
Lynden holding a leaf bug
 Lynden holding a millipede
Lynden holding the stick bug grasshopper

  The second day there we went back to the Petting Zoo at Beacon Hill Park.  We went last year and fell in love with the baby goats.  This year the goats were fewer and smaller - still darned cute tho'.  We got to see the baby sheep and pigs this year.  Lynden spent the time kicking and playing in the sawdust (I think he was tired).  We wandered on over to the park, where Lynden refused to do anything.  So, off to the pier to feed the seals - this was the highlight of Lynden's trip. 

Lynden & Grandpa petting a baby goat
New baby goats
this is a cool tree
hello seal

Lynden feeding the seal

Our final full day was my favourite.  We started with a visit from the Easter Bunny

Lynden checking out his loot
Alyssa's goodies
painting eggs

The Shaw Discovery Centre was incredible.  The entrance was cool and the displays of fish were something else.  Every time you went back to one you saw 4 new things in it.  At the end of it there are hand pools were you can pet the sea life.  It was too bad that Lynden was done and a total crank pot that day but I still had a good time.  This is another attraction I highly recommend.  And if you live on the Island the Annual Pass is worth it!

me in a bubble
Lynden & grandpa watching the salmon

this eel was so cool looking
Lynden checking out the display
starfish growing back an arm

Alyssa getting in on the fun
proud mommy moment - Lynden peed on the side of the road

Then back on the "big big boat sail across sea" to see daddy.  It was a great trip and can't wait for our next visit.

Funny side story:  At the bug zoo a couple with their kids joined our tour group.  The next day we ran into them at the petting zoo and then again at the Shaw Discovery Centre.  We spent Sunday night laughing about our "stalkers" and joked about seeing them on the ferry.  Guess what... they were on our ferry home!  

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