Monday, April 11, 2011

5 things

So, as I learn how to blog and find topics to blog about (I have ideas but need to do the action behind the ideas so I have something to write about, so stay tuned for them) I am going to borrow some ideas from some sites I found. 

This one comes from and her 50 personal blog ideas.

#26: Name 5 things you want to change in yourself

First off, I chose this question because it will help explain my goals for starting this blog. 

1. To get out more.  I am a home-body, I always have been (not as an "oh, woe is me" story but I was horribly bullied as a kid and we lived in a complex where a lot of the kids who picked on me lived, so I wouldn't go outside unless I had to, now I'm just used to it).  Now that I have kids I know it's not good for me or for them to stay home all day every day.  I plan on using this blog as an "excuse" (for lack of a better term) to get out more and experience the world around us.
One weekly blog I plan on doing is called "Around Town" where every week I'll blog about an outting the family does.  I'll be looking for different things to go to so you don't read about the same trip to the park every week :-)

2.   Find a hobby.  I am not an artistic person (I can't draw a stick person LOL) by any means, I enjoy to cook and bake but I don't have the natural knack that others have (I follow a recipe to the T the first 3 times before I am confident enough to change it) and don't venture far from what I'm used to.  I'm very envious of people who are artistic and creative; for example, my friend Kerry can make pretty much anything out of anything.  to me it's mind blowing that she can look at left over bits of fabric and make worry dolls.  To me I see scraps of fabric and see a mess. 
Danny often tells me I need to find a hobby so that my life isn't 99% mommy-hood, as wonderful as it is... at time ;-).  So, I am planning on trying different things to find a hobby - so keep an eye out for my trial runs at various possible hobby ideas.  If you have any suggestions, I'm open to ideas, or if you wish to join me, let me know!

3. To become more patient.    I am not too sure how this will help with this, but it is something I want, and need, to change in myself.  I get frustrated with things very quickly (and it's one of my husband's biggest pet peeves about me).  I've tried the counting to 10 and deep breaths... it doesn't work for me, I'm worse when I'm done (granted, I don't get to do it in a quiet room, since I have a toddler and his favourite thing to do is follow me around from room to room, and if I close a door he cries as loud as possible).  It's my hope I can write about the frustrating incident later and see the humour in it. 

4. To become more social.  This goes hand in hand with the first item on my list, but it's not quite the same.  My "Around Town" will be a family oriented day.  I need to become more social as me, not as a mom, or a wife, but as just me.  I am not the best at meeting new people, I'm not the person who walks into a room and starts a conversation with a random person.  I'm the person sitting and watching everyone until I find someone I feel I can approach.  Hey, it works.

Side story: 6 years ago I decided to go to leave BCIT and go to a school that specialized in the Music Industry, as I wanted to work in the field.  The school had a 3 semester year and you could start at the beginning of any semester, so I started in the May semester.  Me and 1 other person started that semester, and he was absent the first week of classes.  So, here I am, walking into a class where the 10 or so other students have been together for at least the previous 4 months.   On my first day when I got to the school there was no one in the classroom, so I sat outside and waited for someone to arrive.  3 guys showed up about 5 minutes later, greeted me and walked in.  I followed them into the classroom, introduced myself and found a place to sit.   By the end of the first class I had found "the weak link" - the person who I knew was going to be my way into getting into the tightly knit group the class had become.  Turned out I was right, I got to know the "weak link" and made some fantastic friends from that class.  Long story short, I married that "weak link" :-)

5. To follow through.  We all have our Bucket Lists (check back later for mine) and we all say we're going to all the items on it, but how many do?  When I turned 23, which I had decided would be the best year of my life as it was my Champagne Birthday (for those of you who have never heard of it, it's when you turn the age of the date you were born on), I had a list of goals I was going to accomplish in that year.  I didn't follow through on any of them, granted learning to surf when you're pregnant is not the best idea, even though it was the best year of my life - Lynden was born, we bought our first home, and were incredibly happy that year. I still want to learn to surf, so what's stopping me?  I don't follow through.  But, now I have you (all 7 of you, HAHA) to be on my case about it.

There ya have it.  The 5 things I want to change about myself.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Geez, I think you described me in a lot of that. It'll be interesting to see how things change over the next little while. You may have just motivated me towards making some changes.


  2. Bravo Amanda
    I know you can do anything you set your mind to, and you know that I will be on yur case everyday (like starting this blog) until you do it!

    Tofino here we come!
    <3 Barb

  3. We should do bloggy type things together! Even if its just photo walks with the boys and our little girls! For crafty ideas you should take a look at Etsy shops, maybe something will spark an interest :)