Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Memories; Past and Present

I know Easter is next weekend, but on my side of the family some are traveling next weekend so we've decided to celebrate Easter with Lynden and Alyssa's cousins a week early.

When I think of Easter I think of a family dinner and egg hunts of course.  I remember one Easter we spent on the island with some family friends.  It was a lot of fun!  It was one of the coolest egg hunts we've ever done.  There were 3 of us and the front yard was FULL of eggs.  We also tried to capture the Easter Bunny by setting up a basic trap; the box with the stick holding it up.  I don't know why we thought it would work since there was nothing really to knock the stick down, the Easter Bunny would be too smart to knock the stick out.  And isn't he big?  He would never have fit in the box we used.  But when you're a kid you don't think about that stuff.  You're so caught up in the excitement of the Easter Bunny and thinking about All that chocolate.

Some of my favourite Easter memories are colouring eggs with my grandparents.  I can still picture the kitchen table pulled into the middle of the kitchen, a massive plastic sheet under it (some years newspaper), and colours everywhere.  It was usually my sister, cousin and I, and it was always a matter of coming up with cooler eggs than the other 2.  I remember dipping half the egg in one colour and the other half in another so we had true multi coloured eggs.  I can still picture those paper rings so our fingers didn't get messy, not that it mattered since we were covered in food colouring by the end of it.  I also remember HAVING to show grandpa each and every egg. 

Me colouring eggs as a child
Unlike most people, the Easter Bunny didn't come to our house over night, like he did that Easter on the Island.  He would come in the morning, after we were awake.  He'd knock at the front door, he and my grandparents would talk and then my sister and I would have to go upstairs and wait for him to hide our "pretty" eggs and chocolate.  I never understood why Santa could make it around the world in a whole night but the Easter Bunny needed a full day to hide the eggs.  Maybe it was because Santa just needs to put presents under the tree and the Easter Bunny needs to actually hide stuff.

This year was Lynden's first year at colouring Easter Eggs.  He had  a great time and I hope that one day he will look back on this tradition and have as fond of memories of it as I do. 

We coloured eggs with one of Lynden's cousins who is a year younger than Lynden.  They did Surprisingly well.  We were all expecting a huge mess and a bunch of brown eggs.  Yes, there was a mess - poor Lynden barely got to use any blue since his sweet lil cousin keep dumping it all over the table, but the eggs they made were Beautiful.

One of my favourite moments of the day was when Lynden discovered one of the "magic eggs" had a smiley face on it.  The smile on his face was worth the mess :-)

For any parents out there colouring eggs, the best way to clean hands of dye, use warm water and dry dishwasher soap.  Came off wonderfully.  

Getting ready
Colouring eggs

Messy hands
"Magic Egg"

Lynden's egg

The final eggs

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