Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gearing Up For Halloween

Tomorrow will be the rainiest Halloween I've seen in a long time (they're calling for up to 50mm of rain), which is probably going to make it a quiet night for us. 
I don't mind too much since Lynden's a little sick, I've kinked my neck and shoulders, we just found Lynden's Halloween candy stash from last year, and Alyssa will want to to go trick or treating too, which could be hard with stairs and no Danny (he works late on Wednesday).  I think we'll just do the trick or treating at the mall and maybe drive around in the rain when Danny gets home to look at the displays. 
Lynden is going to be a fireman, which he wanted to be from his birthday until a few weeks ago when he decided he wanted to be Spiderman.  Of course he decides this as soon as every Spiderman costume is sold out... everywhere.  Finally broke it to him on Sunday he has to be a fireman. 
Halloween is one of my favourite kid holidays (after Christmas), not because of the candy but because I love seeing him dress up.  He's always been cute in his Halloween costumes.

Giraffe Lynden
Lil "Debil" Lynden
"I'm Thomas"
Alyssa was pretty darn cute last year too

She was a lil "debil"
This year she will be a witch and if we go out tomorrow night we might put her in Lynden's giraffe costume.  It fits as long as we don't put the hood up. 

What are your kids going for Halloween?

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  1. I planned on making superhero capes for the boys and Nolan wanted his spiderman so i put a spider thing on there.. then realized spiderman doesn't even wear a cape.. eh. close enough :)