Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Heat Breaking Story For Mothers

Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman
who gave birth to a stunning baby boy. 
Her heart swelled with joy every time she looked at her.

She was blessed when his first smile was caused by her walking into the room. 

Soon that beautiful boy grew into a toddler and started mumbling words.  Among his favourites were "daddy" and "kitty".

But the son had a funny sense of humour and refused to say "mommy".  He would say "mmmmmdaddy" or "no" when he was asked to say mommy. 
She had no doubt that her son loved her, but she still wanted to hear him say "mama"

Soon the beautiful woman was pregnant again
and joked about the new baby, a girl, saying "mommy" first.
As her daughter grew, she started to say a few words.  Her first word was "mama" and the beautiful mother was thrilled. 

But as the daughter grew she took on her brother's twisted sense of humour by refusing to say "mommy".  When asked she's sweetly say "daddy" and look for him. 

The peak of her "joke" was pointing out daddy, brother, grandma, and great grandma, but when asked where mommy was she looked around and (with some prompting by her daddy) shrugged her shoulders.  All while sitting on her mother's lap. 
The beautiful woman knows that she should enjoy this time of few words, for soon it will be non-stop "mommy".  But, in the mean time she just wants her sweet baby girl to say "mama".
** Update: since writing this post she's said "mama".  She says it once, laughs, and follows it up with 3 or 4 "daddy" {just so I don't get spoiled}



  1. When I was 2, and my mom was pregnant with my sister...I refused to say grandma. Every time they'd go around the table and point, I'd say "mama", "daddy", "pa" and then they'd get to my gramma and I'd say "Bitz, dog"...Bitz was our dogs name (obviously). My gramma would always say "Soon I'm gonna have a new grandbaby to call me "grandma". So the story goes, the day my mom went into labor w/ my sister, she called my gramma from the hospital to come pick me up and when she hung up, I said "But I wanted to talk to grandma." Needless to say, my sister was always her favorite grandchild!!

  2. hahaha that is too funny! yet so so sad.... my daughter is the opposite.. she says 'mama' (i think she knows what it means) and yum yum but no daddy yet. poor guy...

  3. Awe, My son is totally into his dad. Actually he calls me by my first name! Its frustrating and funny all at the same time

  4. The opposite is true in our house, and my heart breaks for my husband because I just hope he knows how much our son loves him even if he's not calling out for him by name. And my 3-year-old likes to randomly call me "Aunt S," to which my typical reply is "I did not endure 9 months of pregnancy and 10 hours of labor to be called 'aunt.'"

  5. aww!! I'm sure the day will come when they both jump out from behind a wall and say, "Surprise, mama!!

    1. So funny, that's their big thing now. They hide in bins and yell "surprise" (or "pize" in my daughter's case)

  6. Awww, well I really was expecting to read something horrible as I got lower and I am glad it wasn't. So glad she finally sad mama!