Thursday, October 25, 2012

In Case You Missed The Memo: I Love My Kids

Time for another list of things I love about my kids


  • The kid is all about cars. 
    We got him a new wall track for his birthday (if you have a boy you Need a wall track) and he races his cars and gets SO excited when he has a winner.
  • He loves his sister. 
    To pieces. 
    He always tells her (and us) he loves her.  It's super cute when he wants to play with her.
  • Speaking of playing with her, he has picnics with her.
    He gets her blanket from her crib, lays it down, and gets her teapot and play food and calls her to have a picnic with her.
  • The funny stuff he says. 
    Most recently: he's been a little sick and one morning I asked how he was feeling.  He told me "I'm all better, but not Winnie the Pooh because someone smacked him in the face". 
  • He cleans up when you ask him. 
    We've switched him to "play quiet time" (it's an hour or two of playing quietly in his room instead of napping) but he has to clean his room when he's done (it's functional that his room gets clean and I get another thirty minutes of peace and quiet).  He's gotten Really good at cleaning his room.
  • He mops! 
    I had a video I was going to post but my hubby seems to have deleted it from his phone.
  • He's conquering fears. 
    We went to Playland awhile ago and he was good about trying new rides; (including a kids rollercoaster that was "a little scary")he didn't get upset when he didn't like them and Really enjoyed himself on the fun rides. 
  • How he encourages Alyssa to sit on her potty. 
    I think he's going to be key in getting her interested in potty training.
  • He loves preschool. 
    It's so nice to know he has a lot of fun and isn't afraid to be away from us. 
  • He tells me I'm pretty
    or that my clothes are.
    Either way it's nice to hear he think I'm pretty. 
  • His silly faces
    He loves making sully faces

  • She says mama!!!!! 
  • How excited she is when I get home from work
  • She loves her brother. 
    To pieces. 
    He went for a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's (that resulted in him being home by 10:30 that night) and Alyssa was so upset about him leaving.  It was sad and cute.
  • How sad she gets when people leave. 
    Ok... it might not be that they're leaving but that she's not going with them.
  • She loves her shoes! 
    Any and all. 
    Her rain boots were too small for her so instead of buying her new rain boots I pulled out some snow boots - she was Thrilled.  I could not get them on her feet fast enough.
  • She wants to do everything her brother does. 
    When he helps me bake she pushes a chair over and climbs up just to watch. 
  • How she lies down. 
    When you tell her it's time for a bum change she gets herself ready (grabs a diaper, the wipes, and lies down to wait for you).  To lie down he gets down on her hands and knees and then rolls and squirms to face you.  It's harder than just lying down but it's darn tootin' cute.
  • She kicks the stool in the bathroom before she leaves. 
    When I'm at the sink the kids stand on the stool to see but when they're done I have to move the stool to close the door, so I move it with my foot.  She now thinks it's how we leave the bathroom.
  • When she poops she tells us by saying "pee pee" and grabbing the front of her diaper. 
  • Her smile! 
    There is nothing more heart warming than her smile. 
  • She is too damn tootin' cute in hats (her's, Lynden's, Daddy's, whoever)


  1. too sweet.. we were going to get our boys wall track for christmas last year, but never did. looks like it's on the list for this year! and I love the part about alyssa kicking the stool on her way out of the bathroom. HA!

    1. Do it!! They're AMAZING! We cannot get enough of them... although after Xmas we may be out of space ;o)

  2. New follower/commented from the mommy brain mixer, hope you'll return the favor, looking forward to your posts!

  3. So cute! Your kids sound great!

    Lauren @