Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Scavanger Hunt

Monday, between rainfalls, we went on a Scavanger Hunt. 

Green Leaf


Blades of grass

stylin' Alyssa enjoying the walk

orange leaf


red leaf


yellow leaf


He kept smiling funny when I took his picture

blurry but funny
We managed to find all but an acorn and the winged seed.  Lynden really enjoyed walking around looking for things.  Something a little different for a walk (and we found a neat little path that would never have found if we weren't looking for twigs).

When we got home we took all our collected leaves and used them to colour with (paper over top and shading).

You can get the sheet we used here


  1. Great minds think alike :). I was just in charge of the fall party at my daughter's preschool and I included a fall scavenger hunt in it and it was a HUGE hit. Kids can appreciate simple things in a way that remind us of what is truly important, don't they?