Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween was wet, but good. 

This past weekend we carved and painted pumpkins.  Yes, painted.  When Lynden was two I wasn't sure what to do with him since he could not carve a pumpkin, so I let him paint it.  It worked and we had fun doing it. 

This year I decided Alyssa was old enough to paint hers and she LOVED it.  That girl is going to be crafty, thank goodness.  And we had an extra pumpkin from Lynden\s pumpkin patch field trip so I let him paint one too.

What am I suppose to do?

this is fun!
my art-ists
we have paint

finished painted pumpkins

Then my sisters gutted the pumpkins (and made wonderful pumpkin seeds) and I stenciled and carved the rest (except my youngest sister's pumpkin, she carved hers and it looked Great!)

Lynden took this picture of Aunty

kids and pumpkins

"all lighted up" as Lynden would say

Lynden's eek

Mommy's little darlings

Daddy's spooky pumpkins

 We went to the mall to do some indoor trick or treating and then after dinner we went door to door in my grandparents' complex.  I think the kids had more fun handing out candy. 

Fireman Lynden

Witchy Alyssa
We had a good day, even with the rain. 


  1. wow! you guys are good pumpkin carvers!! impressed!

  2. It looks like you had a great Halloween celebration. Your pumpkins (both the kids and the actual pumpkins) are adorable.