Monday, July 2, 2012

Resolution Update - June

Sorry, I ended up taking the rest of the week off from blogging.  I felt guitly for being away for 2 whole days and not really seeing the kids and my mind was still going over all the info from the Edge Expo that anything I wrote would have been about knives.  So, I decided to not stress and take the rest of the week off.

Now to my resolution.  I must say, as a month I'm impressed, even though I didn't manage my goal.  If you remember last month's update I already had $9.70 to be tossed, leaving me 30-cents for the month.  I threw out more than that but I'm still happy with the amount I tossed.

Food Wasted:

3 baby bok choy, a bag of beans, 2 chicken burgers, and 3 beef burgers = $6.30
Fridge cleaning =  $3
1 onion = $0.39
Celery = $0.67
2 pieces of coconut chicken = $0.74
3 potatoes = $0.43
1 kids meal = $1.50 (it was nasty and I don't blame Alyssa for refusing it)
Apple Fritter dough = $0.93
Another round of fridge cleaning = $5.50

Monthly Amount:

$22.46 - ok, I wish it was closer to the $10 but considering I started the month almost there I'm okay with it. 

Year to Date:

$104.79 - wow, I hit the $100 mark faster than I would have liked

Average Monthly Total:

$17.46 - I'd, ideall, like this to be closer to $10 but I am going to get a goal for an average of $15

Estimated Waste for a Year:

$209.58 - At this time of the year I'd like to keep it below $200 for the year. 

That's my monthly update. You can read about my previous months here


  1. What a great resolution! I need to look into this myself!

    1. I think people would be surprised to learn how much they actually waste. It also forces me to watch what is in my fridge closely

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