Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Resolution Update: July

July was a much better month; I wish I knew what to attribute it to but I don't.  Some small things that come to mind is the heat so we've been eating more furit, we bought bulk meat (35 meals worth at once), more snacking, and with Danny's new position at work he can't leave to buy lunch so he has to take it with him (it also saves us money). 

Now, if you don't remember last month's update I set a goal of throwing out less than $10 for the month of June; it didn't quite go as I planned so I set a goal of $15 for the month of July.  Wait until you see what the end result was.

Food We Tossed:

leftover sweet and sour chicken = $0.42 (this was a Pinteresting Recipe that I didn't review.  You're not missing anything)
1 apple = $0.23
1 cuke (it froze in fridge) = $0.99
leftover chicken cresecent roll and rice = $0.84
1 pear = $0.24
1 lime = $0.33 (meant to make coconut lime cookies)
4 plum tomato = $1.02
1 piece of chicken = $0.55
raspberries = $3.33 (we bought a flat of them and I used 2/3 of them and didn't make my second batch of raspberry bars fast enough.  I should have froze them)
4 pieces of sandwich meat = $0.93
4 pieces of bacon = $..89
1/4 block of cheese = $2.50

Monthly Amount:

$12.27  Yes, I made it under the $15.  I was at $8.88 until Danny left a bag of cooked bacon and the block of cheese on the counter over night. 

Now, there is something I am ommiting here (to be honest).  Danny did a wonderful cleaning of the fridge and freezer, in the process he threw out some stuff.  He doesn't recall what he threw out (besides all the ends of bread I freeze to make bread crumbs), so I don't know how much he threw out.  It could have been $2 or $15, I don't know.  So, I am choosing not to count it. 

Year to Date:


Average Monthly Total:

$16.72- I brought the average down.  Getting closer to the $15 goal, which I am using as a stepping stone to brining it down to $10 a month (at some point)
Estimated Waste for a Year:

$200.64 - Well, if we can continue this I will be under $200 for the year (which is my goal at this time since I'm already over $100)

Do you keep track of your waste?  Any tips or suggestions?


  1. I really like this idea of monitoring waste. I am a real leftovers freak. Cheers

    1. It's a good way to force yourself to look at the food in your fridge differently

  2. This is a great idea! Good for you!

  3. Keep up the good work! I would love to make a similar goal!

  4. Amanda, following you too!
    You have got me thinking about what we throw out too.
    Hugs, Tanya :)

    1. Keep track for a month and see if there's anything you can do differently (and let me know how it goes)

  5. Wow, great idea! My kids (and bf) waste food all the time and don't realize how much it actually costs! I should definitely try this out!

    Thanks for following and linking up for the GFC Blog Hop!

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. Please do! And let me know how it goes. It's a Great thing to teach kids - how to be creative with food and save some money by using those left overs

  6. Ooh this is a great idea. I am constantly throwing out spoiled food and leftovers. I might start doing this next year as my resolution. I am a new follower from the Follow Me Wednesday hop and wanted to say hi.


    1. If you do let me know how you do!
      Happily following back :o)

  7. I am fascinated. I've been missing some of your posts because bloglovin went about a week of not sending me my updates. Anyways, this is really interesting. I hadn't thought of keeping track of what I throw out but I think it would be eye opening if I did start. You are doing an incredible job of trying not to waste.

    1. Thanks Amy! I feel even worse now when I throw things out because I know I can do better (but I am only 1 of 4 people living in my house). Thankfully I'm getting better each month and feel like i'm learning a lot