Friday, July 20, 2012

Love Love Love

Time for another installment of things I love about my kids.

  • He knows his cars.  We're sitting at close to 100 hot wheels (thank goodness they're $1 on average) and he knows either who gave it to him or the make of the car.  It's really cute. 
  • He sleeps half off bed when playing with his cars.  We only allow him to go to bed with 1 car but by the time he falls asleep he's got 5-8 cars and he's fallen asleep in some funny position because he was playing with them. 
  • "Ever did see" - he tells us "that's the biggest truck I ever did see" or, my favourite, when he was at the pool with my grandma he saw a large man come out of the pool and said "those are the biggest boobs I ever did see".  Grandma was thrilled they were no where within hearing distance.
  • He talks in sleep, but it's Very vague.  The best is when I move him (from falling asleep half off the bed) or when I get him up to pee before we go to bed.  The more common are: "something, something, something", "something big", and "that thing"
  • Beyond excited about the "music truck".  This week it came by the house while he was having quiet time and he called out "Mommy!  It's the music truck.  I need to see it" and came tearing out of his room and practically had his nose to the window as it drove by.  (I feel a little guilty knowing he's going to figure out it's more than just a "music truck")
  • He's growing out of little kid shows.  He still wants to watch Max and Ruby but lately he's all about The Magic School Bus, which I love.  He's learning and doesn't know it.
  • His imagination is growing.  He plays out scenarios with his cars and toys.
  • He has his own language, thankfully he tells us what some of his words mean.  Duka is a boy (Danny and Lynden play Duka every night - they name someone and determine if it's a duka or not a duka) and bayba is Alyssa or baby, I'm not too sure. 
  • He's becoming less afraid of things.  He can play at the park on his own and he's going into water without bribing. 

  •  She loves the slide.  I know all kids love slides but it took her awhile to get it and now that she does she cannot get enough.
  • As trendy as she is she's all about shoes.  If there's a pair that might fit her she must have them on.  It's super cute watching her try to put them on herself.
  • She's taken to walking instead of sitting in her stroller, which is fine by us.  And she holds hands; she even stops walking when you let go of her hand.
  • She pats back when she's hugging you.
  • She wraps her arms around your neck when you're holding her.  I love it!!
  • When the phone rings she brings it to us. 
  • She helps unload the dishwasher.  She's watched Lynden do it that she wants to.  She takes all the cutlery and puts it into the drawer for me.   
  • She has no fear of things (I may learn to hate this later).  It's a nice change from when Lynden was her age and wouldn't try anything. 

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  1. Found you through the TGIF blog hop looking forward to reading more

  2. very cute!! I'm laughing at "ever did see"!!

  3. Your kids are so darned cute!

    Thanks for stopping by the Crazy Train! I'm following you through NetworkedBlogs.

  4. oh dear.. I am seriously LOL at "those are the biggest boobs I ever did see". too funny!!

    1. It's a wonderful thing to hear their innocence but not eveyone would get that; probably not the man with the biggest boobe he ever did see ;o)

  5. So cute...and so sweet. So many of us write about the things that annoy us about mother hood and it's wonderful to see that you've written about the things that you love about them. I love the "music truck". ;) My son and I were at the park the other day and the kids with us weren't allowed to get ice cream when the truck came and I didn't want to make them feel badly if I got my son some ice cream, so when he asked if I saw the truck, I said "you see a truck? I don't see anything." He said "there's an ice cream truck there!" I said "I don't see anything. There's nothing there. You're seeing things, right?" We went back and forth and made a game of it and laughed and thank goodness it made him forget the ice-cream. LOL

    1. My son was at the park with his grandma yesterday and it came by and he was wondering why everyone was going up to it and coming back with ice cream....

  6. What a cute idea! Those pictures are too cute!

  7. Very entertaining post! Found you on the friday blog hop and really enjoy your writing! Cant wait to read more!

  8. Hi Amanda!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Fridays! :)


  9. Stopping by to say hi from the GFC blog hop last week. So glad to meet you! Looking forward to following your blog. Hope you are having a great start to the week!