Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello? Summer?

Today is July 3rd.  By this time last year we had been to Pitt Meadows Day, Airport Day, done the whole Canada Day thing, and been to the beach.

Airport Day
at the beach
We had also planned for a trip to the Okanagan and Lynden's first Playland trip. 

enjoying a boat ride at Playland
So far this summer we've gone to the Aquarium, the Zoo, and Pitt Meadows Day.  They also went berry picking with the cousins (I'm still waiting for photos!!!).  Danny took the kids to a parade 2 weeks ago and Lynden to Canada Day festivities, but other than that we've been rained in. 

Lynden at the zoo

It's July 3rd and we still need the heat on during the day.  It's been sunny a handful of days and the rain always seems to be around the corner.  Thankfully the weather man is calling for sun starting tomorrow and lasting into the weekend. 

Hopefully it'll stick around so we can actually get some outside time.  We have all these plans of what we want to do, especially during our staycation in a few weeks, and we need it to not be raining. 

Are you having summer yet?